H2O Kent Spring Semester Staff Retreat

I love our team at H2O Kent.

We just finished three full days of meeting together to prepare for the Spring Semester at Kent State University. It was a lot of conversation, and I confess that things grew tiresome at times… But I kept thinking what a joy it was to be doing it with our team. Even the “boring” parts of our retreat were a privilege.

In addition to the conversation and prayer, though, we paired up and competed against each other in “Minute-to-Win-It” games every so often, to break up the conversation…

We drank lots of good coffee and ate lots of good food. We played pranks on each other and laughed a lot.

I’m just glad that God is building His Kingdom here in Kent. And I’m glad that He does it through community. We talked a lot this week about living out Jesus’ New Commandment to love one another (John 13), and I feel like we’ve already got a solid foundation within our leadership team.

Now we just want to go out there and see God’s love expounded and expanded, for His glory.

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