Picking Off the Scabs of Winter

We’re thankful for a bit of a thaw this weekend in northeast Ohio. We know better than to get too excited about such a temporary reprieve, but it is awfully nice to get some sun and snowmelt.

A week ago, we had an ice storm, followed by a snow storm, followed by a smattering of another inch of snow every twelve hours for the next few days. The result was a solid layer of snow and ice on every driveway and sidewalk in town. The picture above shows the treacherous inclined section of our driveway on Tuesday morning. Barely passable. And despite my best efforts to treat these paved surfaces with salt, sand, and the shovel — the snow-pack remained all week.

Until today.

The thaw provided an opportunity for all the neighborhood kids to get out and play, rolling multiple snow-persons and snow-pets from the soft, sun-kissed snow. And it provided an opportunity for me to shovel.

Sweet, sweet shoveling.

I genuinely loved the chance to hack away at the ice (see the video at the top of this post for a glimpse at that which was bringing me such intense satisfaction this afternoon). Some might ask, “Why not just wait a couple more days for the sun to do all your work for you?” But I say you could just as easily ask a pre-school child why he’s inclined to pick off a scab, when everybody knows that it’s probably healthier to just let the skin care for itself and slough off the scab when it’s ready.

There’s no rational explanation. It just feels so, so good.

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