3 x 40

We were born within a year of each other. We graduated from our respective high schools the same spring and entered Bowling Green State University the same fall. 

During our college years, we spent hours and hours together on-campus as underclassmen. Then as upperclassmen, we signed leases to the same off-campus apartment complex and moved in together. We even traveled together for a Spring Break adventure in Florida in 1997.

All along the way, we pushed each other to grow spiritually, through our mutual involvement in H2O. We pushed each other to grow academically, each excelling in our respective fields — Communications, Physical Therapy, and Business Education — at BGSU. We pushed each other to grow physically, too, through working out at the Rec Center together and playing on intramural sports teams together.

After graduation, we kept in touch. We got married, had kids, developed our careers — and often enjoyed opportunities to celebrate with each other along the way. In the last decade, we’ve even become colleagues and co-pastors in ministry.

More recently, we’ve all turned 40 years old within a year of each other. And to mark the occasion, we decided to set out on another adventure: traveling to Iceland together. It’s a rite of passage in a place that’s rugged and manly and wild. I’ve always wanted to visit the Iceland, but it’s never been a top destination for a family vacation or an anniversary getaway… So this seems to be the time and circumstances for making this happen.

We’re squeezing the trip in during a busy season of life and ministry — but I’m so glad we’re making it happen. Together.

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