Christmas Break “To Do” List

This afternoon, Olivia stopped me as I was walking through the house and said: “Daddy, I’m not going to be bored on this break at all!”

Olivia's Christmas Break To Do List CM“Oh yeah?” I said. I was intrigued where she was going with this. The boys have already started complaining of boredom — on the first day of their Winter Break from school — so if she had discovered any remedy for such a malady, I was eager to discover it.

“Yeah: Look! I made a ‘To Do’ List, with all the things I can do to have fun over Christmas.” She had them all written down in a notebook, complete with hand-drawn check boxes beside each item.

I love my daughter on so many levels — but this small example (of a much wider character quality) made me especially appreciative of the way she plans and organizes her world. In some ways, I can see that she’s a “chip off the old block” in these tendencies. In other ways, she puts her own unique stamp on these organizational tendencies.

Here is Olivia’s Christmas Break “To Do” List:

  • Read while listen to music
  • Play with dolls / My Little Ponies
  • Work on AG coloring poster
  • Draw
  • Care round for Flurry
  • Fashion show for Pinky and Strawberry
  • Do Crafts
  • Get out outfit for tomorrow
  • Practice flute (not super fun, but good for you)
  • Use media time
  • Check mailbox
  • See if Grace is home and ask her to play (not always available)(don’t do this every day)
  • Make cards for Amelie

Doesn’t that sound fabulous?!? Planning always needs to be balanced with an element of spontaneity, in order to make the most of recreational opportunities like this — but what’s to stop us grown-ups from planning the way Olivia does? I’m thinking about planning to get through a couple of books… pursuing individual time with each kid, drawing them out in conversation… enjoying some extra holiday foods — and then running off some of the calories afterwards…

What’s on your Christmas Break “To Do” List?

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