Kent Food Quest

I’m setting out on a new quest: to eat at every dining establishment in the city of Kent, Ohio. Here are the rules of engagement which I’ve made up for this quest:

  • One must order and consume at least one item from the menu of each local establishment that serves food or drink prepared on-site. Thus: Carter Lumber does not qualify for this list just because it sells Snickers bars, but the 11th Frame Lounge at the Kent Lanes bowling alley does qualify for this list because it sells food and beverages prepared on-site.
  • One must deliberately visit every dining establishment that uses a Kent, Ohio postal address (ZIP codes 44240 and 44242). This can be trickier than one might think because of the way that northeast Ohio towns run together. Thus: Several business areas that one might typically be inclined to consider “Brimfield” or “Twin Lakes” are in fact Kent addresses.
  • If there are multiple locations of a specific franchise, one must visit each of the locations individually. Thus: even if one has already eaten at the Subway on South Water Street, a visit to the Subway on East Main Street and a visit to the Subway embedded within the Wal-mart on Tallmadge Road would still be required, in order to complete the Food Quest.
  • If a dining establishment happens to move locations, the establishment must be revisited in order to remain a “completed” part of the quest. Thus: if one had eaten at the Buffalo Wild Wings prior to its move from Franklin Avenue to East Main Street, one would need to eat again at the new Buffalo Wild Wings on East Main Street in order for it to count as a currently-completed portion of the quest.
  • If a dining establishment at a given address happens to change its identity, the location must be revisited in order to remain a “completed” part of the quest. Thus: if one had eaten at 135 East Erie Street when it housed the “Funky Ladles” soup shop prior to its re-opening as the “Rise and Shine Café,” one would need to eat again at the “Rise and Shine Café” in order for it to count as a currently-completed portion of the quest.

I had once completed a similar Food Quest during my years in Bowling Green, Ohio — but according to the aforementioned rules of engagement, given all the starts and stops of businesses over the last 12 years, that quest has since since become “uncompleted” once again. Now that I’m turning my attention to a Kent Food Quest, I expect it may take years for this adventure to run its course — but that’s part of the fun of it.

This quest, however, cannot be completed on my own. Many of my friends will be dragged into some obscure corners of Kent to join me in portions of the Quest. In addition, I would be very glad for some help to make sure that I’m not missing anything. Those of you who live in or around Kent: Could you please scan the following alphabetized list, keeping an eye out for any places that strike you as especially obscure (or especially noteworthy, for that matter)?

  1. 11th Frame Lounge (1524 S. Water St.)
  2. 157 Lounge (157 S. Water St.)
  3. Applebee’s (220 Tallmadge Rd.)
  4. Anthony’s Café (128 N. Water St.)
  5. Ashby’s Ice Cream (164 E. Main St.)
  6. Aunt Mary Ann Donuts Cafe (1444 E. Main St.)
  7. A&W Restaurant (1124 W. Main St.)
  8. Arby’s (1630 N. Main St.)
  9. Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips (Kent State University – The Hub)
  10. Auntie Anne’s (Kent State University – The Hub)
  11. Baked in the Village Cafe (123 N. Water St.)
  12. Bar 145 (100 E. Erie St.)
  13. The Bean Scene (Kent State University – Library)
  14. Beef O’Brady’s (3975 Cascades Blvd.)
  15. Belleria’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant (135 E. Erie St.)
  16. Bistro on Main (1313 W. Main St.)
  17. Bob Evans (400 Devon Pl.)
  18. Bricco (210 S. Depeyster St.)
  19. Brimfield Family Steakhouse (1198 Tallmadge Rd.)
  20. Buffalo Wild Wings (176 E. Main St.)
  21. Burger King (605 E. Main St.)
  22. Burger King (1575 S. Water St.)
  23. Brewhouse Pub (244 N. Water St.)
  24. China City (156 Cherry St.)
  25. Chipotle Mexican Grill (429 E. Main St.)
  26. Ciconne’s Restaurant and Bar (425 Cherry St.)
  27. Dairy Queen (1443 S. Water St.)
  28. Dairy Queen (4050 Cascades Blvd.)
  29. Dave’s Cosmic Subs (215 S. Water St.)
  30. DawgFather Grill and BBQ (Food Truck – downtown Friday and Saturday nights)
  31. Domino’s Pizza (1413 S. Water St.)
  32. Dunkin’ Donuts (527 E. Main St.)
  33. East of Chicago Pizza (1655 E. Main St.)
  34. Eastway Cafe (Kent State University – Eastway)
  35. Eastway Deli (Kent State University – Eastway)
  36. Einstein Bros Bagels (Kent State University – The Hub)
  37. Eddy’s Deli and Restaurant (4581 Kent Rd.)
  38. Eldorado’s Pizza Pie (1331 S. Water St.)
  39. Euro Gyro Pizza (107 S. Depeyster St.)
  40. Evergreen Buffet (1665 E. Main St.)
  41. Five Guys Burger and Fries (623 E. Main St.)
  42. Franklin Square Deli (108 S. Water St.)
  43. Fresco Mexican Grill and Salsa Bar (100 E. Erie St.)
  44. Georgio’s Oven Fresh Pizza (100 E. Erie St.)
  45. Guacamole’s (1888 State Route 59)
  46. Guido’s Original Pizza (1176 W. Main St.)
  47. Guy’s Pizza (146 S. Water St.)
  48. Henry Wahner’s Restaurant (1609 E. Main St.)
  49. Hungry Howie’s Pizza (1444 E. Main St.)
  50. Insomnia Cookies (295 S. Water St.)
  51. Jazzman’s Cafe (Kent State University – Student Center)
  52. Jazzman’s Cafe (Kent State University – Oscar Ritchie Hall)
  53. Jazzman’s Cafe (Kent State University – Eastway)
  54. Jimmy John’s (165 E. Main St.)
  55. Jump Asian Express (Kent State University – The Hub)
  56. Katie’s Korner Ice Cream (1110 S. Water St.)
  57. The Kent Market (Kent State University – Student Center)
  58. The Kent Market 2 (Kent State University – Student Center)
  59. Kentwood Restaurant (1910 State Route 59)
  60. Laroush (425 Franklin Ave.)
  61. La Terraza Restaurante Mexicano (3975 Cascades Blvd.)
  62. Laundry 101 (1683 E. Main St.)
  63. Laziza (195 E. Erie St.)
  64. Little Caesar’s Pizza (1629 E. Main St.)
  65. Little City Grill (802 N. Mantua St.)
  66. Longhitano’s Gallery Pub and Grille (1225 W. Main St.)
  67. Main Street Continental Grill (911 E. Main St.)
  68. McDonalds (1280 S. Water St.)
  69. McDonalds (4255 State Route 43)
  70. Mike’s Place (1700 S. Water St.)
  71. Ming Cheng Restaurant (1687 E. Main St.)
  72. Mr. Hero (1343 S. Water St.)
  73. Mr. Zub’s (138 S. Water St.)
  74. Mugs Brew Pub and Sports Grille (211 Franklin Ave.)
  75. Munchies (Kent State University – Prentice)
  76. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs (Kent State University – The Hub)
  77. Newdle Bar (295 S. Water St.)
  78. No. 1 Chinese Kitchen (3975 Cascades Blvd.)
  79. New York to Chicago Pizzaria (164 Cherry St.)
  80. Panini’s Bar and Grill (295 S. Water St.)
  81. Papa John’s (439 E Main St.)
  82. Penn Station East Coast Subs (115 N. Willow St.)
  83. Pita Pit (154 E. Main St.)
  84. Pizza Hut (1715 E. Main St.)
  85. Pizza Hut (4118 State Route 43)
  86. Popped! (175 E. Erie St.)
  87. The Pour House Pub (4033 State Route 43)
  88. Prentice Cafe (Kent State University – Prentice)
  89. Pufferbelly Limited (152 Franklin Ave.)
  90. Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar (1708 E. Main St.)
  91. Quaker Steak and Lube (Kent State University – Student Center)
  92. Ramella’s Pizzaria (114 W. Erie St.)
  93. Ray’s Place (135 Franklin Ave.)
  94. Rico’s Restaurant and Lounge (1332 Tallmadge Rd.)
  95. Rise and Shine Café (135 E. Erie St.)
  96. Riverside Wine (911 N. Mantua St.)
  97. Rockne’s (1450 E. Main St.)
  98. Rosie’s Diner and Market (Kent State University – Tri-Towers)
  99. The Rusty Nail (7291 State Route 43)
  100. Salsita’s (4441 State Route 43)
  101. Schwartz Center Snack Shop (Kent State University – Schwartz Center)
  102. Schwebel Garden Room (Kent State University – Student Center)
  103. Scribbles Coffee Company (237 N. Water St.)
  104. Secret Cellar (176 E. Main St.)
  105. Sheetz (1762 E. Main St.)
  106. Sheetz (600 N. Mantua St.)
  107. The Slice (Kent State University – The Hub)
  108. Stahl’s Bakery (411 E. Main St.)
  109. Starbucks (436 E. Main St.)
  110. Stoddard’s Frozen Custard (1321 W. Main St.)
  111. Subway (1330 S. Water St.)
  112. Subway (Kent State University – The Hub)
  113. Subway (250 Tallmadge Rd.)
  114. Subway (4068 Brimfield Plaza)
  115. Subway (1709 E. Main St.)
  116. Summit Street Cafe (Kent State University – Recreation Center)
  117. Sushi with Gusto (Kent State University – The Hub)
  118. Taco Bell (805 E. Main St.)
  119. Taco Tonto’s (123 Franklin Ave.)
  120. Tavern at Twin Lakes (7508 State Route 43)
  121. Tree City Coffee and Pastry (135 E. Erie St.)
  122. Troy Grill (118 E. Main St.)
  123. Twisted Meltz (164 E. Main St.)
  124. University Plaza Theatre (140 Cherry St.)
  125. Venice Cafe (163 W. Erie St.)
  126. Water Street Tavern (132 S. Water St.)
  127. Wendy’s (515 E. Main St.)
  128. Wendy’s (4244 State Route 43)
  129. Wild Goats Cafe (319 W. Main St.)
  130. Wild Papaya (1665 E. Main St.)
  131. Yogurt Vi (295 S. Water St.)
  132. Zenas (125 S. Depeyster St.)
  133. Zephyr Pub and Spirits (106 W. Main St.)

Does it seem to be a daunting quest? Of course it does! But it should also be fun — and I realize I’m very privileged to even be able to think about a quest like this. Without even trying, I’d guess I’ve eaten at fully half of those places listed above. So here’s to the other half: Tally-ho!

*** List last updated: June 11, 2014 @ 6:30 AM EST ***

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8 Responses to Kent Food Quest

  1. Lauren says:

    This sounds like so much fun! I might just have to partake in this quest…

  2. Eric says:

    Come on in, Lauren! The water’s fine. 🙂

  3. Becky says:

    The Maza Mato at Eastway’s Deli is really good. I normally get it on a Pretzel Roll with bacon, the buffalo chicken is also very good. When it comes to the markets, the turkey burger and salmon salad are both my favorite for Kent Market 1. Their specials are also really good, occasionally they will have pork and sauerkraut, and even eggplant parm every so often. The Chicken veggie combo at the Tandoori Oven(Indian place) in Kent Market 2, my favorite meal on campus. There is normally not the line that you will see at the pasta bar, and the food is better. When you go to Rosie’s go with a student who knows how to order, it can be complicated the first time. In addition Kent State bought a food truck called Forks in the Road.

    Katie Korner’s is my favorite Ice cream place. It is all good, just make sure to ask for a bowl with your ice cream, especially if you get a waffle cone

  4. Eric says:

    Thanks for the tips, Becky! I’m not sure how food trucks should be counted — but you definitely raise an interesting point with that one. I’ll have to think about it…

  5. Katie Fife says:

    Actually, you’ve got a place listed twice!
    I believe the MSC Snack Shop (#67) and the Schwartz Center Snack Shop (#94) are actually the same place. MSC is the building code for the Michael Schwartz Center. Also, (you’ll have to check on this but..) I could be convinced that the Schwartz Center Snack Shop doesn’t count because I don’t think they prepare any food on-site but rather sell pre-packaged food prepared in the Kent Markets.

    However, there are other Jazzman’s on campus you haven’t listed: one in Oscar Richie and another in Eastway.

  6. Eric says:

    Great input, Katie! The list has been adjusted to include the extra Jazzman’s and eliminate the superfluous Schwartz Center Snack Shop listing. If I visit the Schwartz Center and find out that they don’t actually prepare any food there on-site, then I’ll just eliminate it from the list.

  7. Jason Lemmon says:

    Depending on what you decide on food carts, there is one that sets up Friday and Saturday nights across the street from the gazebo downtown called the DawgFather Grill & BBQ. They even give out their own personal rewards card now.

    Also, University Plaza Theater would fit your qualifications.

  8. Eric says:

    Thanks for the input, Jason. I went ahead and added both of your suggestions to the list. With the food trucks, I think the qualification should be regular hours and regular locations. If an establishment can be predictably visited at a certain time of the week, I’m going to count it.

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