Alternative Spring Break in Columbiana County


I spent most of last week in Columbiana County (the spot on the map where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia all meet), with one of Kent State University’s Alternative Spring Break initiatives.


I was put on a team to help maintain a city park in the town of East Liverpool, which has been struggling with poverty in a pretty major way ever since the closing of a couple steel mills back in the late-1970s and early-1980s.

We learned some new things about poverty in the process. I enjoyed the renewed discipline of physical labor: picking up litter, raking leaves, clearing brush and branches from a storm-damaged trail (and our efforts even earned us some press in the local newspaper!). And our team enjoyed the relational time that our all the various volunteers were able to spend together at night.

All that being said: It’s good to be back in Kent! We’ve got a sprint-finish to the end of the Spring Semester at the University (just five weeks remaining), and I’m eager to see what God will do through it all.


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  1. Linda says:

    Eric, Nice to see photos of the folks you were teamed up with during the Alternative Spring Break trip. I was praying for you and the other h20 folks all week trusting that the Lord was allowing seeds (of love and the gospel) to fall on hearts with good soil ready to hear and receive. May God allow for future paths to cross between you and those you served with. It’s neat to see your three continental group, as well. Amazing that you were able to “go to the nations” in a county not too far from home.

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