President Obama at Kent State University

The major party candidates for President of the United States of America are stumping and stomping around the state of Ohio again. I believe the Romney Campaign is currently somewhere in the southern part of the state, and I know for a fact that the Obama Campaign is in the northern part of the state. I know this because I had a ticket to see him speak at Kent State University this afternoon.

I had a ticket. But I don’t have it any longer.

Partly because of the long, rain-drenched lines to get into the MACC (the video above was filmed at about 10:45 this morning — a full five hours before anyone would be allowed to enter the facility!)… partly because of other work that needed to get finished this afternoon… partly because I wasn’t actually all that thrilled at the prospect of sitting in the bleachers through a couple hours of speeches from dignitaries hundreds of meters away… and partly because of a likely conflict with a scheduled night out with my wife (if the event were to go long enough)… I decided to give my ticket to my friend Chad, who then gave it to our friend Chelsea. And honestly, I don’t feel much regret about it.

True: it’s not every day that the President of the United States of America comes to Kent State University (William Howard Taft was the last, in 1912). But it’s been fun enough to see the general hullaballoo that surrounds a Presidential visit and to sit at a desk, typing on a computer, watching the rain spatter against the window, and looking forward to hearing the evening news reports that will tell me everything I need to know.

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4 Responses to President Obama at Kent State University

  1. Jim Poorman says:

    I love that you said “a couple of hundred METERS away:-) you little euroboy

  2. Eric says:

    That’s right. I should have measured it in “football fields.” That’s one of the most common American measurements that I’ve noticed since moving back. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Romney spoke this morning in front of a big crowd in the Columbus suburb of Westerville. Next stops today are a factory in Cuyahoga County, then on to Toledo, in the great “north” of Ohio.

  4. claire says:

    Hold on to those metres Eric!
    Yours faithfully,
    Someone who likes to count to a hundred 😉

    p.s. I like that you are cycling around campus.

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