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24-7 Prayer Room - Wide Angle

We’ve finally established a prayer room (/office/infant-care facility) at the H88 ministry center!  This week, Zolder50 is participating in a global prayer initiative called 24-7 Prayer, and to accommodate our round-the-clock prayer team, we finally got around to finishing up the renovations on our ministry center’s smallest room (which had kind of served as a workshop and storage space during previous renovations).

24-7 Prayer Room - Candles

These pictures don’t really do the space justice — since the space is so small while my lens is so narrow and since the room’s lighting is so soft and natural… But at least they can give you an idea of what the new space looks and feels like.

24-7 Prayer Room - Wide Angle

Suffice to say:  it’s a beautiful space that really accomplishes what was intended: 
creating a still, silent, self-contained space where one can really
focus on God and interact with Him through prayer and Bible study.

24-7 Prayer Room - Prayer Request Book

I’m signed up for a number of shifts throughout the week — and already (after two one-hour shifts), I’m really enjoying the experience.  I’m trusting that this whole experience will really help us to better understand what God wants for our individual lives, for our church, and for the city of Amsterdam as a whole.

24-7 Prayer Room - Wall

If you’re in the Amsterdam area, but you haven’t signed up to be a part of the 24-7 Prayer initiative for whatever reason, I would encourage you to consider helping us fill one of the (few) remaining spots on our schedule which have not yet been covered.  According to some internal e-mail communication from this morning, it seems that the following time slots are still available:




on-call shift available Fri 23.00 – Sat 07.00

on-call shift available Sat 15.00-23.00


If you’re interested in filling one of these spots, you could contact Marc La Porte (if you know his e-mail address) or just leave me a comment (or an e-mail) and I can pass the word along for you.

24-7 Prayer Room - Wall Close-up

And even if you’re not in Amsterdam, you’re certainly welcome to join us in prayer this week!

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