The Joy of the Hunt

50 Restaurants Collage

Sometimes I like to hunt.  I get geared up and patrol the urban jungle
of Amsterdam, in search of a particular photograph (or series of photographs).  One particular self-imposed "assignment" that I’ve especially enjoyed over the past few weeks is a follow-up to my "City of 50" project, from a few months ago.  That is to say, I’m currently on a
quest to photograph fifty different dining establishments in the city
of Amsterdam which represent fifty different ethnicities.

Italian RestaurantOne of the most incredible things about Amsterdam is its internationality and ethnic diversity.   Amsterdam is actually, officially, the most international city in the entire world.  So I figured an effective way to capture this theme would be to shoot pictures of all the different eating establishments throughout the city where one can eat the ethnic foods of these various ethnic groups.

So far, I have managed to capture images of the following ethnic restaurants within the city of Amsterdam:  American, Argentinian, Australian, Belgian, Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese, Cuban, Dominican, Dutch, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, English, Eritrean, Ethiopian, French, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Kurdish, Lebanese, Malaysian, Mexican, Moroccan, Nepalese, Pakistani, Persian, Peruvian, Polish, Portuguese, Quatari, South African, Spanish, Surinamese, Swedish, Swiss, Syrian, Thai, Tibetan, Trinidad & Tobagan, Tunisian, Turkish, Uruguayan, Vietnamese

If you total that up, it’s 49 different restaurants.  Which is pretty cool… Except for the fact that I’m going for 50!  I’m just missing one more restaurant to complete my "assignment."  I figured it would be no problem to find 50 different restaurants representing 50 different ethnicities — and in fact, the first 40 came pretty easily.  But I’ve been scratching and searching to complete the list.

Would anyone out there possibly have any suggestions for me to get that critical 50th photograph?

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